Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Demba Mboup

Story about Demba Mboup, a senegalese soldier who was recruited by french army and sent to europe to fight in WW1. The comic is based upon original writings of this senegalese citizen and it was a product of the comic wokrshop "Colonial soldiers and the great war" held in Berlin in February 2014. In May it was presented at the exibithion "Drawn, Illustrated (hi)stories of Colonial Soldiers" in Berlin along with many other comics Dealing with this topic.


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  1. Super su ti radovi!! ;) Da te pitam, da li smem da okačim film Ordinary Day na moj blog - sa linkom prema tvom Vimeo profilu... (indievoyager.blogspot.com)

    Keep up with an amazing work! ;)